Sunday, March 30, 2014

Something different.

time travel
inner stellar
star system
rather unraveled
faster falling
falling faster
indeed seems
what we
need is
conscious cleansing
obnoxious entities
corroborating misery
hardly incomplete
tardy sympathies
discarded liturgy
littered energies
without digression
expressions alleged
but never
will they
catch them
ingested contraceptives
cause they
egg and
seed's rejected
infested intellect
radio wave's
deception, now
melded minds
congested lack
the introspection
adversely affected
by the
spoon that
fed them
spiraling further
in to
deeper regression
signs unseen
without vision
inner wisdom
inI's mission
not afraid
to stray
from the
path that's

Thanks & Praises

It's all love.


Saturday, December 28, 2013


I AM a dew drop on a leaf in the sun glistening
intrinsically radiating light like a prism
closing my eyes and my mind
i transmit divine energy throughout my chakra system
opening the seven gates of heaven i realize the kingdom lies within.

Friday, January 4, 2013


These keys i place my fingers upon are quite deceitful. They give the illusion of being tools for creating, but all too rarely do they fulfill this purpose. All because of one:

The backspace.

Like an extension of my ego, that little voice in my head, it has become so easy to dismiss something that could be worked with little effort and molded into a piece of art.

In the past there was the eraser: A useful guy when you needed a little editing, but without the propensity for destruction like his vigilant successor. Both have the same ability to nullify one's thoughtfulness, but oh how different these two are.

The pencil is an eloquent tool. Gliding across pages like a swift summers breeze, a vehicle for the magic of inspiration. At times it's works can seem effortless, and quickly a concept is born. But then of course there exists the pencil's nemesis:

The eraser.

His only job, to destroy, but will he use his powers for good or for evil?

Well, that is up to the artist. The eraser brings with him the ability to allow one a second chance at choosing their words. What a worthy purpose to serve.

Yet, as all things in life, there are two sides to every coin. On one side he is precise and exact, and on the other side he brings irrevocable damage and perdition, but even if he is used in the latter form, still the pencil's mark remains. The eraser can try, but never will he fully remove the impression of endeavors past.

And then came the computer....

The computer is a vastly different machine than the pencil, but it can be used to serve the same purpose. However, the act of typing is not nearly as swift and fluid as the old pencil. The amount of effort required to bring forth one's thoughts to page is far greater than holding a piece of graphite clothed in wood and sweeping it across a blank canvas.

Of course, there are many things a computer can do that a pencil could never dream of. Such as: The ability to organize your thoughts into folders all neatly housed inside one tiny box, or to give you access to a vast array of resources that can help you paint the picture which is beheld in your mind's eye.

But there is that voice.... That voice in your head that says: "This is rubbish.", and rather than having to exert any physical effort to bring forth destruction, this voice now has a button:

The backspace.

This button is far removed from it's predecessor the eraser. Unlike our old companion, the backspace leaves no remnants of former inhabitants to the workspace. In one fell swoop this button alone can render an artist mute, empty, and alone.

It once took effort to destroy, and creativity was an untamed stallion set to roam the land with the wind, but the tables have turned, and the effort is now in creative prosperity, while destruction lingers ever so watchful, waiting for doubt to creep in.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thicker Than Blood

We've been homies since the day we met
You opened doors in my head that led to success
You showed me the true meaning of being a friend
Ever someone did you wrong it was forgive and forget
You turned the other cheek when others have shown disrespect
Back then I was hot headed so I tried to attack
You're my brother, my friend
Dog I got ya back
You told me that's karma's job just chill and relax
We smoked a number, drank boose, and had laughs
Watched the bullshit blow over and pretty soon it had passed
Graduated high school now life's moving fast
My dumbass went and got married right off the bat
It was then I realized our friendship was true
Cause all the other homies hated my chick and they flew the coup
A year down the road the only friend I had was you
You never judged my decision
Just let me keep livin
All the while grinnin
cause deep down you knew
That even though I was in love
it wasn't love that was true
Then she and I broke up
I fell to pieces, you scooped
all that was left back together
pat my back, said it's cool, I always knew that wasn't the right girl for you
I said why didn't you stop me
You said that's not what bros do
You respect me for me so i'ma let you do you

The greatest person that i've ever met
we have our differences but they are never a threat
Cause our bond is thicker than blood
Brother, for you, all I have is respect and love.
I just wanted to thank you for being you
Please don't stop
Whatever you do.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Be Here Now

what's life and what is death? surely more than just concepts to ponder while i'm lying awake in bed seems most of our path on this rock is dimly lit they say you'll see the light when you have your last breath I guess if life is the present then death is the gift the moment you accept everything as it is as you play back the tapes of everyday that you lived the times you couldn't make it though you gave it your best or when you faced your demons as if they didnt exist the highs, the lows, even the mids your last goodbye, your very first kiss all the road rash and bruises art and music the way grandma always made you your favorite food dish you see life is a game and death is just an illusion but the day to day grind causes all kinds of confusion, for now we have our fears, or as I like to call em delusions, but one day we'll sit back and laugh realizing life was made for our amusement.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Note To Self

every day is a challenge
in this life i lead it's hard to achieve balance
from what i've seen winning isn't about talent
ambition or valor
when good guys finish last
with a head full of questions left unanswered
was it worth it taking a chance
when in the end you feel so worthless
you say you tried your best
but homie can you be certain
that on your path
there isn't a wake of those who love you
you left hurtin
when your maker closes the curtains
will your spirit rise and flourish
or will you be consumed by the flames
of all your fears and burdens

life is a mystery
gotta piece the puzzle together
and find the missing link
shatter the pattern of history
only then will i fulfill my destiny

life is a symphony
gotta play from the heart
to find the right key
scatter the notes how they're meant to read
only then will i rest in peace

The Veil of Illusion

tell me
why are there pyramids on a dollar bill
ancient evil concealed behind the masonic seal
at the top of thirteen steps behold the light that shines
trying to trick your mind imitating that which is divine
lucifer disguised as the all seeing eye
practicing idolatry and force feeding you lies
whats worse is that his roots are buried deeply inside
of every single institution you've ever believed to be right

it's a hard pill to swallow but don't wallow in sorrow
it's all an illusion you must escape the delusion if you want to survive
you must imagine yourself with no limits and undefined
you were created in god's image so you're one of a kind
overstand that and you'll be simply sublime
an infinite prime
a perfect fusion of truth
an omnipotent union that you cannot divide

we're coming to the end of an age the end of the times
but please don't believe the first savior in sight
another wolf in sheep's clothing through the dark of the night
tricking you slowly just like they do all the time
history repeats itself so why aren't we seeing the signs
we're headed towards world war three and the fourth reich
how could they just let the nazi party slip through the lines
it's cause the illuminati is wicked and was funding both sides

that's why
they've turned civilians to soldiers and ruined their lives
they poison our food and they're bleeding us dry
then they pump you full of prozac so you can't even cry
but they have the nerve to call marijuana a crime
these overzealous fascists are the reason why
most of the people who hear these words will believe they're a lie
so if you're pissed then throw a fist up and raise it high
while you're at it grab your black flags and we'll hang em to fly
but violence isn't the answer we gotta fight with our minds
with the power of truth now tell me who's on my side
cause all i see is political violence
governments trying to
silence our voices
limit our choices
flying planes into buildings
killing civilians
instilling fear in our children
waging war against so called villains
wasting trillions
what the deal is?
don't listen to the t.v. it will deceive thee
designed to blindfold your eyes and feed you lies
it's the chains that keep you tied down
modern day slavery in the mainstream
media steadily feeding ya
pop culture mind torture
meant to distract and keep our minds off track
this shit is whack
we need to take our existence back


mysterious catacombs
hidden worlds beyond the pupil
delirious sick circle
revolving doors trappin you within
ladies and gentlemen lets begin...

evolving intricate patterns spin
when i'm switchin dimensions
sittin with distorted perception of Escher position
ascension through planes of existence by way of astral projection
dark thoughts phantom nous
introspection divine
my mind finds truth in reflection
manifestations of salvation observed in constellations
contemplating information that makes us
larger than life
ramifications of indulging temptations
sensations of being cut down to size
finally i've received answers to questions which i had once pondered why
scaling the rugged edge of sanity with peace of mind
letting go of misconceptions which were once contrived
stepping through the shadow finding divinity on the other side
still ego continues battling
but in time it too... must.. die.

Our Divine Nature

i was,
born screaming, red in the face
lend me your lobes and i'll give you a taste
get out of my way if you ain't here to listen
twenty three years ago i was sent here on a mission
to teach people the key to heaven lies within them
we just need to focus and be attentive
lets get cohesive and make a plan that sticks
shining like diamonds with each puff of cannabis
tomorrows anew but nothings greater than the present
the time is NOW so we should never neglect it
introspection has got me thinkin that life is only what you make it
so i'm takin my doubts and breakin em down to basics
rearrange em, mold em, shape em
turn the tables and change my thinking
open my minds eye to illuminate the oasis
that sits adjacent to vacant waste pits
in the recesses of self
step through the shadow and realize
depression is a tool to your health
a treasure found covered in dust on a shelf
blow off the cobwebs and discover spiritual wealth

hard to imagine till it happens to you
it takes a lot of shit to get a garden to bloom
but like a lotus flower or the ugliest duck
the most beautiful creations tend to rise out of the muck
like the odd horse out with a jockey that never gives up
winning feels better when you've been down on your luck
cause once you hit the bottom shit can only look up
no need to sit in sorrow just grab the next rung
it might be dark for the moment but tomorrow we'll be seein the sun
the key to success is believing in love
we're in this together through the best and the worst weather
just have a little faith and a whole lot of trust
that your needs will be met
there's no need for regrets if you keep this in mind
please believe me because
i've been down in the trenches warmed many benches
and been the victim of some vicious shit
but no matter what i'm never givin in
cause life is splendid when you keep pushing on
take a punch turn your cheek and feel the strength that erupts

no need for retaliation when you've developed understanding and patience
life is amazing so what are you waiting for
take the plunge
dive deep in the rivers of bliss and swim in everlasting greatness
peace is attained when you stop holding on to hatred
calm your thinking and give thanks that you even have air in your lungs

we've got power beyond our wildest dreams, but for some reason can't conceive
the reality of our divine nature
there's nothing to fear because we are eternal beings
fate didn't leave you stranded in this land of lost souls
we put ourselves here as a game to watch our powers unfold
so sit back and enjoy the ride you'll be surprised
once you let go you gain more control.